Puerto Rico Board of Accountancy

Puerto Rico Board of Accountancy
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License Renewal Date
12/1 triennially

CPE Reporting Period
8/1 to 7/31 triennially

General Requirement
120 hours for CPA practitioners

90 hours for non-practicing CPAs

Ethics Required
Three (3) hours of professional ethics for CPA practitioners and non-practicing CPAs

Other Subject Area Requirements
Forty (40) hours in Accounting, Auditing and Tax, in which 28 hours must be Accounting and Auditing and 12 hours must be Tax or 28 hours must be Tax and 12 hours must be Accounting and Auditing (CPA practitioners); 30 hours in industry specific subjects (non-practicing CPAs)

Credit Limitations

  • Published Materials: Credit for authoring published materials is limited to 60 hours.
  • Self-Study: This type of credit is limited to 60% of the total hours required. Interactive courses approved by the NASBA QAS will receive full credit.  All non-interactive or non-QAS approved courses will receive half credit.
  • Subject Areas: For CPA practitioners, no more than 24 hours may be reported in communication, behavioral sciences, public relations and sales of securities.

Credit Calculation

  • Instruction: For the first time taught, licensees receive credit for preparation time and presentation time – preparation time is limited to two times the presentation time. Credit for subsequent presentations of the same course is allowed, if the material has substantially changed.
  • Partial Credit: Half credits are accepted after the first hour.
  • University/College Credit: Participants or instructors will be granted 15 hours per semester hour or 10 hours per quarter hour.

Other State Policies

  • Program sponsors must be approved by the Puerto Rico Board, be approved by NASBA’s Sponsor Registry or fall into one of the categories below for automatic approval:
  • Puerto Rico CPA Society
  • Organization specifically authorized on a request basis by the Puerto Rico Board of Accountancy
  • Credit may be obtained for the supervision of thesis and seminar-type graduate courses if the work contributes to the CPA’s professional competence.

Contact Info 

Box 9023271
Old San Juan Station
San Juan, PR 00902-3271
Phone: 615-564-2128
Fax: 615-564-2128
Email: ecolon@nasba.org
Website: https://www.estado.pr.gov/en/authorized-public-accountants/