Illinois Board of Examiners

Illinois Board of Examiners
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License Renewal Date
9/30 triennially

CPE Reporting Period
10/1 to 9/30 triennially

General Requirement
120 hours

Ethics Requirement
4 hours

Other Subject Area Requirements

Credit Limitations

  • Instruction: Instruction credits are limited to 60 hours.
  • Non-Verifiable CPE: Credit for non-verifiable CPE is limited to 60 hours and includes the following:
    • Programs without an approved sponsor
    • Committee Meetings and Technical Meetings*
    • Reading of Published Materials*
    • Consultation with experts or research in an area new to the licensee*
  • Personal Development: Personal development credits are limited to 24 hours.
  • Published Materials: Authorship credits are limited to 30 hours.
  • Self-Study: Self-study credits are limited to 80 hours. Only 60 hours can be from non-interactive self-study.

*This type of CPE is limited to 10 hours and comprises part of the hours allowed as “non-verifiable” CPE.

Credit Calculation

  • Instruction: Credit is equal to presentation plus preparation. Preparation is limited to two times presentation. Preparation time for repeat instruction will only be granted if material is substantially changed.
  • Partial Credit: Half credits are accepted after first hour.
  • Self-Study: Each instance of non-interactive self-study credit is limited to 1/2 hour for every full hour earned.
  • University/College: One semester hour equals 15 CPE hours, and one quarter hour equals 10 CPE hours.

Other State Policies

  • Must be members of NASBA’s National Registry or a Board approved program, or fall into a special Board category for automatic approval.
  • Licensees with an Address of Record outside of Illinois shall be considered compliant with Illinois CPE requirements if the licensee has complied with the CPE requirements of the state in their Address of Record. Principal jurisdiction must require at least 120 hours of CPE over a 3 year period.

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